Development is creativity with strategy

Experienced IT professional, focused on constant learning and self-improvement in job-related and personal areas of interest.
I always do my work in the best possible way to achieve a high-quality final result.

I am passionate about the fast-paced web development industry, innovating and leading software engineering in products I contribute to.

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What my customers say about me

Julius is an excellent front end developer with a gift for understanding the business requirement and getting to grips with all required technologies. He is also highly personable and easy to work with.

Julius is one of the best developers I have met. Have been working with Julius for several years and I’m impressed by his professionalism. He was a key person of our big scale projects and helped a lot. It is pleasure to highly recommend him – excellent web programmer and a wonderful person to work with!

Julius delivers clean, documented code, asks good questions and makes good visual decisions if needed. And everything in time. He has a very methodical and systematic approach. We were working on relatively small-scale projects, Julius was the single developer in most cases. Nevertheless, he’d still use the best practices of a big team. And it has lots of benefits.

Julius is always on time with the best possible solutions. He has professional attitude and strong work ethic. He is a born leader, that’s why it’s very easy to work with him in different projects.

Julius Morkūnas possesses comprehensive as well as multi-faceted specialist knowledge spanning beyond the mainstream, which he was always able to apply confidently and expertly in practical circumstances.

Julius was a key team member who worked extensively on all aspects of web development. His expertise in various technologies and his proactive and collaborative professional spirit made it possible to launch our website on time.